- VTech Toolkit

We free you from the tedious, and time consuming manual process identifying necessary calibrations.


Easy to use, takes only a few seconds to generate a report

Add technician notes / vehicle specific messages/content

Operations broken down by general collision and specific triggering estimate lines

Reference third pary links to relevant operation information (you need to be one of their customers, subscription required)

Generate repair packet containing report plus estimate as a zip folder, referenced by vehicle VIN

Download for printing/archiving

Import desired documents into the packet for easy, consolidated reference


A fraction of the cost of other systems, only $3.50 retail pricing, plus any applicable sales taxes

About Us / Contact Information

VTech Toolkit is targeted to Collision Repair Facilities, Diagnostic Sublet Services Providers and Calibration/Diagnostic Equipment Providers

  • VTech Toolkit is a Vehicle Owners Guide.com product
  • We've been delivering technolgy to the collision repair market since 2009, including EstimateScrubber.com a fully functional estimate scrubber for CCC, Audatex and Mitchell Cloud.
  • We produce private label portals in Western Canada for the Auto Trade Association (Manitoba), Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers and the Automotive Retailers Association (British Columbia).
  • Our Estimate Reader is used daily to extract information from repair documents to fill 3rd party software, using a web service / API.
  • We've been doing this for a long time and developed VTechToolkit after receiving numerous requests to build an ADAS reviewer from our collision repair customers, and sublet service providers.

For additional information: email us at info@VTechToolkit.com, or contact Beau Brandon, (619) 518-4798 or Beau@sd.support If you're an ADAS sublet services provider, equipment manufacturer or collision repairer, we definately want to talk to you about VTechToolkit.